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Golden Retriever Breeder in Morgan Hill, CA

Welcome to Somerset Golden Retrievers if you are looking for a golden retriever breeder in Northern California South Bay Area please feel free to contact us by email for our upcoming litter information.   We share our beloved golden retrievers and two rescue kitties.   Golden Retrievers are our love and passion.   We enjoy sharing our everyday lives with our goldens and it is our life goal and passion to continue and improve this breed we adore. We have selected only top pedigree golden retrievers that have many champions in their lines.   

Our golden retrievers are part of our family first and foremost and their puppies are raised inside of our home with us at all times and given all of our love, early socialization, veterinary care, and the love & attention they will need to develop into happy, outgoing, well-socialized members of a family.    Health is a top priority before we breed a litter both parents will have to pass health clearances for the given country in which they reside according to the GRCA code of ethics.   For the breeding dogs we own, we do DNA testing for PRA1, PRA2, GR-PRCD, DM & NCL through Optigen and OFA.    We are members of and adhere to the Golden Retriever Club of America code of ethics with regards to breeding health clearances and also in regards to our stud dog selections. We are committed to doing everything possible to improve this breed we love so much and to breed only healthy dogs that will give the best chance of producing healthy, happy golden retriever puppies and finding each of them the best loving homes.


Temperament is also a key trait to consider before planning any litter. We will only breed dogs with sound temperaments that are true to the typical Golden Retriever temperament:  sweet, friendly, intelligent, confident, outgoing, and good with children of all ages. Within the breed, personalities are all different. Some puppies have higher energy levels than others, as we see that even within our pack.


Socialization is very important to us, especially early socialization. We have worked extensively with our golden retrievers when they were puppies to socialize them very early on from the moment they joined our family. When our puppies first joined our home, they could only come out with us out to puppy safe places; like riding in my shopping cart at Lowe's or walking around the shopping plaza sidewalks greeting new people and meeting our friend's dogs that we knew were up to date on their vaccinations and healthy so we had weekly puppy play dates and invited our friend's doggies over to meet and socialize our new puppies in their safe environment. First, we had to keep in mind to protect their health until they completed their full set of puppy vaccinations.  Once they finished all of their puppy vaccinations, we brought them with us everywhere we could, the dog walking trail which was great for socializing them to other dogs and people, the dog beach, car rides, Lowe's and Home Depot are usually pet friendly, they accompanied us on our family vacation trips, came with us to the pet store, bank, and of course their weekly puppy training classes. We believe early socialization prepares golden retriever puppies for the everyday world we live in and it is a high priority to make sure all of our future puppies are well socialized to this great big wonderful world.


We encourage you and your family to come meet us and our dogs in person. We would like to meet you and want for you to meet our dogs. We will only breed only golden retrievers with sound temperaments, top pedigrees, and who have passed all of their health clearances. We want to be sure we produce the best puppies in conformity, temperament, and health. Contact us today for more information!


Please take some time to view the rest of our website and photo album & please come back again to visit and see updates!


Dailuaine From Me To You aka Lexi ~ 10 Weeks old
Golden Retrievers in Morgan Hill, CA

Please take some time to view the rest of our website and photo album 

&    please   come   back   again   to   visit   and   see   updates!